Ray’s the Dead July Update

Its about time we stopped in for a little info drop in our July update!


June was a good productive month for us. We had two primary goals: To arrive at a content complete status, and to get our engine upgraded to Unity 5.

Well, the Unity 5 upgrade was completed. It’s great to have that knocked out, as it has a lot of nice features that will greatly benefit the game.

The downside is it was a bigger ordeal than we expected, taking over a week to wrap up. This means we haven’t yet arrived at the content complete status we were hoping to reach by July 1st. We are still hacking away at it and hope to make it this month.

The majority of what we’ve been plowing through are getting all of the levels blocked out and playable with all features accounted for. They aren’t pretty yet, but the entire game is nearly together. Here is a look at some of the blocked out levels.

NOTE: These are just simple representations of the levels to lay out the gameplay, they in no way represent their final visual quality.

Lake Interior



Last month, we promised we’d give a little update on the UI. The super talented Cef Grima has been concepting up our in-game UI elements. There will be three primary pieces of information that are frequently visible on screen: the health and energy bars, the zombie select icons, and the dialogue box. Below, you’ll see Cef’s most recent representation of Ray’s Health and Energy bars.

UI_BARSAt the moment, these are nothing more than static images. In the coming weeks, we’ll be implementing these in game as fully functional representations of Ray’s Health and Energy. Please let us know what you think!

What’s next?

We have two big goals for the remainder of July. One being a continuation of last months goal of arriving at a content complete status. Once we accomplish that, we’ll be in a position to begin to polish and fine tune both the art and gameplay. In conjunction with the polish, we will finally be putting together a proper demo that will allow us to show at various conventions. If all goes well, Ray will finally begin making public appearances again in the near future.

That’s it for this months update. Thanks for reading!

-Team Ragtag



Co-Founder of Chicago, IL based indie game developer, Ragtag Studio.

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