Ray’s the Dead is coming to the PS4! + Status update.

Hey there friends!

Have you heard the news?  Ray’s the Dead was announced for the PS4 during this years E3!  We are super excited about this news, and have been anxious to share it with you for quite some time now.  In addition to this exciting news, we want to give you a status update on the project to answer many of your questions:

Different versions of Ray’s the Dead

Regarding the PS4 version.  This will not be a launch title, but we do hope to release within the ‘launch window’, which is considered to be within 6 months of the release of the system.

As of now, our original plan of bringing the game to the PC/MAC is still happening!  The agreement we signed with Sony only has us being CONSOLE exclusive for a very short period of time.  This has no impact on our ability to release Ray’s the Dead on any computers, or mobile formats.  In fact, we could theoretically release on PC first if we like!

Many of you have asked if we will release the game for the WiiU.  We are licensed Nintendo developers, and we met with them at E3 this year.  There is a mutual desire to have the game released on their console, we just need to take the time to decide if this is something we can commit to.  We WANT to do it, trust us!  Hearing from more of you that you want it on WiiU would be a big help!

Regarding the Linux version.  This is something we still intend to do, but as it does require funding and additional resources, we can’t promise.  But as long as we receive some funding, we will make it happen.

Funding the Dead

Just to be clear, as of this moment, we are not receiving any money from Sony, or from anyone else.  We want to take more time to let things settle, and make more progress on the game before we decide what path to take to procure funding.  We do have a few options, and are in the process of evaluating what will give us enough funding to make the game we want to make, while maintaining the ability to make good on all of the promises we’ve made regarding platform releases and whatnot.

Kickstarter is still high on our list of options, but there are still a few loose ends we’ll need to tie up before making another go at Kickstarter.  Hopefully that’s something we can elaborate on a bit more in the near future.

The Near Future

In the near term, we are going to go into game dev hibernation.  We’ve been spending a LOT of time working on conventions, Kickstarters, and conferences.  As a result, progress on the game has slowed.  We are going into a cave for a while and when we come out, we want to be much closer to completing this bad boy!

But oh, don’t worry!  This doesn’t mean you won’t hear from us at all!  We’ll pop our heads out with the occasional update, and you’ll frequently find us toiling away on the game, live, on our Twitch.tv channel.  But we will not be attending conventions such as PAX Prime or GamesCom.

We still need your votes on Steam Greenlight!

We still need lots of love on Greenlight!  If you haven’t already voted, please do so here.  If your friends haven’t voted yet, please make them!

And speaking of Greenlight, Ray’s the Dead will be part of a really cool Greenlight Supershow that’s taking place on June 29th!  25 games will be featured in this all-day event, with the goal of raising awareness and trying to add votes to our Greenlight campaign.  We hope you’ll be there as we play the game live with Alix from Robot Loves Kitty!  Our segment is at 12 Noon Eastern time.

Keep in touch!

Be sure to follow all of us at our respective Twitter feeds to keep up with the latest details, and to find out when we’ll be appearing on Twitch.  And please say hi on occasion, we get lonely.





Thanks to all of you for your continued interest!




Co-Founder of Chicago, IL based indie game developer, Ragtag Studio.

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  1. Mike Rosenberger

    I don’t think I understand. You have a deal where the game will be a console exclusive for a while, but can be released on PC first? If that occurs then the game would not be a console exclusive? Unless you mean console exclusive as in only on the Playstation and not the Xbone?

    1. RagtagChris

      You’ve got it exactly right! It means for a short period of time, we can’t release on any Microsoft or Nintendo platforms. We are free to do as we like with PC mobile devices.

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