Ragtag’s 2013 Year In Gaming

Happy New Year friends of Ragtag! We realize we’ve been eerily silent here at Ragtag HQ, and we apologize for that! The bright side is that our silence is because we’ve been hard hard at work on Ray’s the Dead. Its coming along nicely, and we will have lots more info to share in the coming months.

As we prepare to climb out of our deep development hibernation period, we wanted to get into a habit of updating our devblog at least once a month. To get that rolling, we are going to kick off the new year with a recap of our gaming experiences from 2013, and what we are looking forward to in 2014. Please leave your own fond memories in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


Shawn Halwes’ 2013 Memorable Gaming Moments

  • Game of Dad – First person parenting simulator with a persistent world and hyper realistic graphics, surround sound, tactile feedback and iSmell 2.0.  I spent many sleepless nights playing this one with my wife.  The narrative is unreal and made me laugh and cry multiple times.
  • Playing Monaco 4 player co-op with the my bros.
  • Playing The Walking Dead with my wife.  This game was particularly powerful after playing Game of Dad all day.
  • Playing Device 6 with my wife.  High fives abound when one of us cracks a puzzle.  A creative reboot of text adventuring taking advantage of tablet features made for fun times.
2014 Top 5 Most Anticipated Games:


logoMatt Carters’ 2013 Memorable Gaming Moments

  • Hotline MiamiThe sound track and 80s theme caught my attention when I first read about this oneAnd while I wouldn’t call the graphics attractive there was something about the dirty look of everything that seemed to add to the allure. Hotline Miami was one of the few games last year that just had to have when it came out and boy am I glad I did.  I came to the conclusion this last year that I am pretty much the worst gamer ever and Hotline Miami was the game that made me realize it.  This game has got to be one of the most brutal games that I have ever played, in a few ways.  First off you die, a lot. Secondly, you kill, a lot.  And no matter how hard it is you’ll come back for more.  Not only am I the worst gamer ever, I’m also a pussy.  I don’t put much time into being punished by a game but Hotline Miami was a nasty mistress that I kept going back for one beating after another.  I attribute this to the games instant re-spawn when you die and frequent check points.  One of my favorite aspects of the game is the way that I felt like I was leveling up as I progressed, each try at a level I knew a little more about what to do to survive the beating.  Anyway, if you can’t tell by my ramblings I rate this game pretty highly.  From the games that I played in 2013 I’d say this was my game of the year.
  • Warhammer Space Marine I had been pecking away at this game for a while and but had a blast every time I picked it up.  I’m not into the Warhammer thing but this game made me feel like a badass Space Marine from word go.  I really enjoyed the games balance between beating the crap out of baddies with my melee attack and beating the crap out of baddies with my super sweet guns.

TWO’s COMPANY – My favorite game experiences this past year revolved around time spent with my wife, Jessica.  Over the years we’ve played through a lot of games together and in 2013 I was especially lucky to play through a good number of great games with Jess.  Here are the highlights:

  • Lara Croft Guardian of Light What a fantastic couch Co-Op game!  The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is light with a quick pace.  The two player focused puzzles are just varied and clever enough to stump you for a few minute before you’re on to the next.  If you are playing with a less experienced gamer just set the combat on easy and you’ll still have a satisfying adventure.  I can’t recommend this game enough.
  • MachinariumThis is a beautiful adventure game that has a lot of heart.  The art is so warm and full of life that its hard not to like.  We did have issue with a number of the puzzles in the game as they felt completely arbitrary and unable to be solved using logic within the rules laid out by the game’s world.
  • The Walking Dead: Season 1Last of Us takes the cake as the most amazing character artistry I’ve ever scene in a game but it pales in comparison to Tell Tale’s Walking Dead in terms of player involvement in story.  Despite the game’s clunky controls It didn’t take long for Jessica and I to get sucked into the story and attached to the characters to the point where we actively role playing the kind of person we wanted Lee Everett to be.
  • Unfinished SwanFinished Swan!  While the narrative in this game ended up being crap the fresh mechanics and cool environments kept us coming back for more.
WHAT’S NEXT?  – Aside from the MASSIVE back catalog of games that I own and have yet to play, here are some games that I am looking forward to that are coming out in 2014.
  • Hotline Miami 2After falling in love with the ass-whooping that was the first game I’m eagerly awaiting more kill by the seat of your pants action.
  • The Walking Dead: Season 2I’m going to need to spend some quality time with my wife this year after our baby is born in March and I think I know just the game to spend it with.
  • Oddworld New And TastyWhat can I say?  I’m a sucker for anything Oddworld.  Growing up in a house full of a lot of turmoil Abe’s Odyssey was one of the few times I can remember my entire family sitting down and enjoying a game ( or pretty much anything) together.  Oddworld games have a sense of humanity that really draw people in regardless of whether or not they are gamers.  On top of that I was fortunate enough to meet Lorne Lanning at E3 last year and his friendly and encouraging personality only made me want this game more.
  • Open World Construction Games – I believe that these games have an important yet untapped role role to play in education and engineering. As well as pushing the envelope of player centric story telling.
  • Bethesda’s Next RPG – One of my guilty pleasures of gaming is setting aside time to travel to the world’s of Fallout and Skyrim.  I’m guessing that I have played more Skyrim than any other game.  And I’ve loved every minute of it.  I can’t wait until Bethesda announces it’s next RPG which will be, no doubt, set in space, an amazing answer to the Star Wars and Mass Effect universes.  I know its coming and I can’t wait until they announce this game. I can dream can’t I?



Chris Cobbs’ 2013 Memorable Gaming Moments

Sleeping Dogs This was a true eye opener for me. I was completely caught off guard by how much I enjoyed it. It even made me like the DRIVING missions in the game. *GASP!* Not only was this one of the most fun games I played in 2013, it was also my first Platinum Trophy on PSN. This game made me finally realize that I do, in fact, enjoy open world games.

  • Hotline Miami For some reason I was opposed to this game right out of the gate, and certain I wasn’t going to like it. The glorified violence was a bit of a turn off. However, Matt’s enthusiasm convinced me to give it a try, and I already owned it thanks to one of the many Humble Bundles I bought this year, so I decided to give it a shot. I played it beginning to end and was stunned by how much I enjoyed it, such a satisfying action game. Thanks for knocking some sense into me Matt!
  • Resogun Loved this game so much, I got completely addicted to it. My enjoyment of the game and the corresponding desire to experience everything it had to offer pushed me to be a better gamer. Bonus: I managed to earn my second Platinum Trophy.
  • Ace Attorney 5 One of my favorite franchises returns with a vengeance! I’m still playing this, but I’m happy to report that nothing was lost in the move to a new platform, 3D models, and a different writer. An excellent entry in the series.
  • Persona 4 – I caught up on my Persona by playing Persona3 the end of last year. I am currently playing Persona4 and am loving every minute of it. The announcement of Persona5 has me drooling.
  • PAX East / E3Had so many amazing experiences meeting new people at both PAX EAST, as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH and at E3 as part of Sony’s booth and press conference. The friends I’ve made and the experiences we had at these shows have already made this crazy endeavor we are on so very worth it.

2014 Most Anticipated Games-

  • Bravely Default – So excited to finally get to play this, I’ve heard so many great things and I always crave a refreshing take on my favorite genre – the RPG.
  • Dark Souls II – I haven’t been the same person since playing Demons’ Souls. I will devour this game with a shameless delight.
  • PixelJunk Inc – It has been too long since our friends at Q-Games have released a new entry in the PixelJunk series. I love the look of this and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
  • Danganronpa – So happy to see this localized! A strange Japanese game in the vein of Phoenix Wright.
  • Persona 5 – The date hasn’t been officially announced but I’m hoping this makes it out in 2014.
  • Ray’s the Dead – Hey, I’m excited for our game so I don’t care if this is cheating!

That about sums up our gaming year. You’ll hear from us soon with more news regarding Ray’s the Dead! Happy New Year!


Co-Founder of Chicago, IL based indie game developer, Ragtag Studio.

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