Ragtag Studio is a Texas based independent game developer founded long time friends and industry veterans Matt Carter, Chris Cobb, and Shawn Halwes.

Chris Cobb

A game developer for the last 14 years, Chris has shipped 12 titles including the critically acclaimed “Thief 3: Deadly Shadows” from Ion Storm Austin, and the not so critically acclaimed, but still loved by many, “Stubbs the Zombie” from Wideload Disney. He has worn a variety of hats over the years, but the ones that suited him best involved tight integration between design and art. His love for unique and quirky games was the primary impetus for leaving the larger studios and starting his own company with longtime friend and coworker, Matt Carter. Together, their goal is to create compelling gaming experiences that will leave fond memories in the minds of their fellow gamer

Shawn Halwes

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Computer Science, Shawn chose to pursue his childhood dream of making video games.  Starting his career at Paradigm Entertainment in 2000, he worked on six released console titles before leaving in 2006.  He is particularly proud of his work as the senior graphics programmer on the Stuntman: Ignition Xbox 360 project.  He continued his career working at Ensemble Studios as a programmer on what would be the studio’s final title, Halo Wars.  After the closure of Ensemble Studios he took a break from the mainstream gaming industry as a lead developer at Rocket Gaming Systems developing technology for the video slot machine industry.  In the Summer of 2012, he left Rocket to pursue his passion of making games and joined Ragtag Studio as a fellow co-owner.

Matt Carter

Matt stumbled onto computer graphics after spending most of his youth drawing monsters and playing video game classics. It was love at first mouse click. Matt is self taught in disciplines of art and technology and is constantly learning new tools and techniques to advance his craft. He has spent the last 12 years creating characters for heavy hitting studios such as Activision and Disney. His last major release as lead character artist was “Disney’s Guilty Party” in 2010. Over the years the desire to create unique and moving gaming experiences has led Matt to forming Ragtag Studio with longtime friend and collaborator Chris Cobb.

Legal – Jeffrey Marks

Jeffrey Marks has worked in different aspects of the video game industry for more than 20 years, first in marketing & sales, then in development and biz dev, and now as an attorney representing both small and large companies in this industry and others